Only major releases are documented here.


  • Recover from bitrot.
  • Amend documentation


  • Rework package structure, picking apart the mudball that was
  • Add planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Very basic interface only.
  • Add planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Their interface is yet incomplete though.
  • Add new Planet methods max_speed, mean_orbital_period, relative_orbital_velocity, average_motion_per_year, aspect_lookahead, default_sample_interval.
  • Add sign change detection via Planet.next_sign_change().
  • Add Moon.last_new_or_full_moon()
  • Precision lowered to 0.0072 arc seconds (was 0.0036), it was needed for proper ingress calculation.
  • Update code for astropy 0.4 (rewrote one test case).
  • Various bugfixes.


  • Add arc seconds to relative position
  • Add right ascension, declination and ecliptical latitude
  • Refurbish


  • Use astropy for time conversions
  • Vast documentation update
  • Extend test suite
  • Remove sun data from moon endpoint response


  • Swiss Ephemeris data files are now included in the package
  • Use nose instead of doctest for quick sanity tests
  • Add a lot of functions (e.g. rise/set times)
  • cerridwen-server: new switch –test/-t for quick testing
  • Various minor amendments and changes
  • New sun data computation function and API endpoint


Initial release.